Thursday, August 21, 2014

Relations and Functions Station Review

I feel that I must share an activity that I used today that I "stole" from the Internet. I would love to give credit to the source but I honestly do not remember. I have spent several hours searching for activities and collected them in a Google drive folder. I am very glad that I took the time to print this off and set up the review.

Functions and Relations Review Stations

When I opened the file I had to edit it a little to make it "fit" on the page correctly. I enjoyed doing this as my review because I had my students show me their work after each station so I could check it and help them if they don't understand. If I had just given them 25 problems to practice at their desks for their review I may have had 5 students to ask questions. This way I gave feedback to all 29 students.

If I ever run across the original source for this great activity I will come back and add it to this post!