Monday, July 20, 2015

The Pirate's Life for Me!

Thank you Robin Bynum for letting me read your Teach Like a Pirate book by Dave Burgess. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean....I'm a math teacher! I thought the book was only going to be about dressing up as historical characters and other "history-specific" hooks. However, as I got deeper into the book I found myself becoming re-energized for this coming school year. Here are some of my take aways:

  • If your students aren't engaged don't get mad at them. See it as feedback.
  • It's okay to spend some time on activities that loosely tie into the curriculum yet promote creativity and fun in the classroom! 
  • Ask yourself the right questions about how to "hook" your students into a lesson.
  • Pursue excellence as an educator. It is okay to want to be great at what you do!
  • Don't let fear of failure, perfectionism, or fear of criticism hold you a back. Failure is a part of growth.
I know I have left out way too much. However, I believe every teacher -no matter the subject area or grade level -can benefit from this book. It may not all apply to you...or you may not agree with all parts of the book...but I think anyone who reads will find at least a few ideas for the next school year. I believe that each time you read a book or hear a speaker at a conference you can learn something.  I am probably not going to wear costumes or redecorate my room for certain lessons...but I still have many other ideas knocking around in my head because of this book.

So...I will accept the challenge to go daringly into next year and try some things I have never done before - a "pirate's life for me!"