Thursday, February 4, 2016

Math Classroom Conversations - IMP Making Friends with Standard Deviation

Math classroom conversations


"Why is the mean so high this time?"
"The mean for Set C is...."
"I disagree."
"I agree."
"Is this what you got?"
"Andrew shut up!" - I had to include this one just to "keep it real."
"It says explain why your pattern..."
"No pattern occurred." to which I did a loud "AHEM" and they said "Are we supposed to get a pattern?" students had this group investigative task and I helped them to get started. this case I made them read the directions out loud and then I asked another student to repeat the directions in their own words AND we did an example with a data set on the board. (This sentence might make more sense if you read this post entitled "Read and Follow Directions!") Then I told them that I was going to sit down and if their group had a question the ENTIRE GROUP had to come to my desk. I usually roam around the room but I believe that I sometimes have students ask me questions that they should really be asking their group members (just because I am close).  I did have a couple of groups come to me to settle an argument...isn't it awesome that they were arguing over math concepts!