Tuesday, September 30, 2014

IMP Day 2 - started The Broken Eggs

Today I started class by having two volunteers come to the board and share their sequences for What's Next numbers 7 & 8. Then I had the groups discuss their math autobiographies within their groups for 5 minutes. Afterwards I had them share the views of their groups. It is very disappointing to see how many students can not verbalize many topics they have studied in their math classes. These activities once again took longer than expected. I had to threaten to take away participation points because some groups obviously did not discuss their answers. I told the class that we will not always have every group to share for every problem.

We also started the first POW The Broken Eggs. The groups were given around 30 minutes to brainstorm. I loved when students would start "seeing the light." There were a couple of groups in my 2nd block class to find the answer!