Wednesday, October 1, 2014

IMP Day 3 - POW write up discussion, Who's Who, Inside Out

Today I started class by going over the 5 parts of the POW write up. I enjoyed being able to talk about the real world connections to scientists,  chemists,  teachers, managers,  inventors, etc... I'm loving how this curriculum is definitely helping us to address literacy standards!  After the POW discussion they did the Who's Who activity.  They did very well with this and I had someone come to the board and draw their diagram as I read the description.  I also questioned them as if I didn't understand.  We talked about the different approaches they took...some just recorded their thoughts in sentences but most drew a diagram.
Presenting her diagram and solution for Who's Who

The last activity we did today was Inside Out. I loved how the teacher's guide suggested you start with a mystery function.  I had fun with that! I also like the way the activity asks the students to describe the function in words.  I probably would have jumped ahead to writing an expression.

The thing I am most excited about is that my colleagues are getting excited about the new books and curriculum.  My previously unnamed teacher buddy who has always made me want to be a better teacher...Sonya New... (I asked her permission to use her says that the IMP curriculum is like riding a roller coaster.  She has some challenging classes behavior wise and she was ready to throw in the towel yesterday but today was terrific.  Mr. Webb...the other teacher I "coerced" into this new adventure was telling us today how his student engagement is much better. AND Ms. Whitt said she didn't think she would like the curriculum when she first looked at it but she really likes it. What a good day!

I just hope the students are really learning something! Will they remember these problem solving skills and use them later? Will they make higher test scores due to this new way of teaching? Will they learn algebra? Really learn it???? Time will tell.