Tuesday, January 27, 2015

IMP Cookies - Feasible Diets and Picturing Pictures

My students did Feasible Diets on this past Friday. The constraints that are needed for feasible diets were actually found during the Healthy Animals activity.

Today I used Picturing Pictures as a quiz but I added a twist to it. I allowed each student to ask me 3 questions (or get 3 hints). I actually wrote down their names and kept up with it. I encouraged the students to listen when others came up just in case they might learn from the questions/answers that other students have/get. I made the students use their "privacy fences" and did not allow them to help each other. I found that students were still struggling with graphing lines. The majority of the graphing we have been doing so far in Cookies have been easier to graph using intercepts. Once again I have found that students seem to understand the concept better since we have the context to tie it to.

I had a workshop today so I left "traditional" algebra problems where they practiced graphing using intercepts and graphing using slope-intercept form. I intend to give them a quiz on these 2 concepts this week.