Tuesday, December 2, 2014

IMP Day 41 - Travel on the Trail and Wagon Train Sketches

Yesterday Mrs. New informed me that I skipped a couple of activities in the book! I claim that it was "turkey-induced" mental lapse! I didn't realize that All Four, One had 2 parts in the book. I was about to skip 2 great activities so I'm glad she helped me realize!

Today I started class by having them read "About James Beckwourth." Once again I am reminded how this course is truly written to be cross-curricular. This unit really crosses more with history but I know that future units will cross with physics and English also! Today I gave them time to do do #1 and #2 in class with their groups. Then I had them to put the 2 graphs on chart paper. One thing I did that I liked was take 2 people out of each of the groups of 4 and let them work on answering #3 instead of standing and watching the others write on the chart paper. I always struggle with using the chart paper because 4 people can't really be working on it at the same time. Those who are idle often get in trouble. I liked giving them the idea of answering the next question. The downfall to this idea is that all of the students in the group don't get a chance to "struggle" with the problem before they see the solution explained. I ended up explaining how to do #3 anyway so I don't know that it was much of a loss. I led a student in the class through the discussion of #3 and I think it went well.

5th period -

Sometimes getting students to have meaningful conversations about an assignment is difficult!! Today my 5th period discussed the Wagon Train Sketches and Situations activity (that they had completed a while back when I was absent one day). Sometimes getting students to engage in the math feels like roping the wind!  (venting over!) Then, on the most difficult situation that they were asked to graph one of my most talkative students blows me away by just blurting out the correct answer. He is the only one in 3 classes to get that graph correct:) We do have some break through moments!!