Monday, December 15, 2014

Survival Mode...perfect for December!

I don't know if anyone else does this but there are times that I have to enter full blown "survival mode." This is when I am on overload either personally, professionally or BOTH and I have to take my foot off the gas pedal for a while. I know in the first line I said that I don't know if anyone else does this...but in my heart I believe that everyone does this (or at least needs to) from time to time. If you have never given yourself permission to do so and you are feeling overwhelmed heading into Christmas break now is a perfect time to try it.

Another way that one of my teacher friends describe this time is a "mental health day." This is a good one when you are in the middle of the semester and so far behind on grading that you can't even see the top of your desk anymore. This is where you take a day and actually give your students work that they can do without you...even if it is the dreaded review worksheet. Then you take that day to catch up. Sometimes your family life and/or coaching responsibilities make it impossible for you to spend extra time working on your school work in the afternoons or evenings. If you find yourself in a season like that give yourself permission to pause, take a breath, and catch up. If your administration is as awesome as mine they will understand!

I must confess that if anyone comes in my room when I am in this mode I feel the necessity to explain what is going on...LOL.