Saturday, December 6, 2014

My #KidsEnjoyingMath post

My math teacher "twitter friend" Justin Aion has challenged math teachers to post pictures of students enjoying math in this blog post. Here are some pictures of my students having math fun.

Well, I take alot of pictures of my students! I better stop here! This year I have started using Twitter and Instagram to post pictures of things going on in my classroom and school. I started with Twitter but some of my students talked me into getting an Instagram because they used it more. I love that you can set up an account on both of these and people can "follow" you and you don't have to follow them back. It seems more appropriate for teachers and students. I sometimes have the students to ask me to take their picture when they are proud of what they have accomplished! I am their proud math mom! We also started a school hashtag. Anyway...that is why I had so many pictures for this #KidsEnjoyingMath post. I think this is a wonderful idea! Thank you Justin!