Wednesday, February 4, 2015

IMP Cookies - Profitable Pictures...very important

This activity builds off of Picturing Pictures. Mrs. New and I decided to draw a graph for Picturing Pictures and make copies of it so the students would for sure have an accurate graph on which to do their "profit lines." It is so wonderful to "share a brain" with Sonya (Mrs. New) because she has already taught Cookies twice. We are needing to trim as much as possible because we started the curriculum late. Therefore she knows when there is an activity that you should not skip and I need to remember NOT TO SKIP PROFITABLE PICTURES.

This activity gives students the tools they need to answer the Cookies unit problem. The students should discover that the profit lines are parallel and that the higher the y-intercept the higher the profit. Therefore they need to extend their parallel lines until they find the highest line that clips a point in the feasible region. After trying to get my students to explore this activity over 2 different days I finally EXPLICITLY told them that the maximum profit is going to come from one of the corners (if you will) of the feasible region. Sonya and I  also EXPLICITLY told them that the methods we used to discover the feasible region for Profitable Pictures are the same as what they need to use to solve the Cookies problem.

Profit Lines...

When I first started the curriculum I was so diligent to read through the teacher's guide for almost every lesson. So far this semester I have not been able to do that! It is a long story... Anyway, I really value having someone (who just happens to share a planning period with me) to collaborate and discuss lessons with! It makes such a difference. Sonya is totally committed to our "new curriculum" and we have so many aha moments that we get to share with each other.