Thursday, February 12, 2015

IMP Cookies - Rock 'n' Rap, formative assessment and collaboration

Rock 'n' Rap is an activity that talks about producing rock and rap albums. The students will once again be led to find profit lines which should help them on solving the Cookies unit problem. There are 3 constraints this time. Also some of them shade below but one shades above so there is a little variety.

When graphing the inequalities Sonya New, my IMP teaching buddy, has stressed with the students that one way to graph the lines is to find values for x and y that make the equation true (they really do this by trial and error using number sense). I love that she has done that (even though I have talked mostly about using intercepts or slope-intercept form). She has taught SI form and graphing using intercepts also, but she says alot of her students still graph by finding ordered pairs that work.

When I did the problems with my class we said that there had to be more rock albums than rap albums. However, smarty pants Sonya corrected me (I hate when I'm wrong) and told me that it should have been rock is greater than or EQUAL TO rap. When you read the paragraph about this constraint it says that the company promises that it would not release more rap than rock. Then it goes on to say that the company is more closely related to rock music in the public mind. Even though I know she is right I could really make an argument about why I chose to publish more rock than rap! (But the mathematician in me knows she is right...dang it!)

Lastly, I had my students put this activity on chart paper. I have been in such a rush lately I haven't done this as much. It made me realize that having them put it on chart paper "makes it real" for the students and they invest more in the problem. Also, I get the opportunity to formatively assess at a glance by reviewing their work. The picture below is of a group of students explaining their findings from the Rock 'n' Rap activity.