Tuesday, March 10, 2015

IMP Alice Day 5 - Here Goes Nothing

Today we spent the first part of class taking our 3rd version of the systems of equations quiz. I had 9 students in each class to improve so I think it was worth it. Overall I am disappointed because I still have many students who just still don't get it. UGH!

Here Goes Nothing is an activity that the students can do pretty quickly. It helps the students to further analyze the nature of 2 to the zero power. I am glad that we did the Graphing Alice activity on chart paper so we had them hanging in the room to help us. I also wish that I had at least done one graph on chart paper of A Wonderland Lost - just for discussion purposes. The teacher's guide really adds to this activity so make sure you read through it before you teach it.

Since we did Here Goes Nothing quicker than I expected I had my students to graph #5 from A New Kind of Cake on chart paper. This is a comparison of y=2^x and y=x^2 and I really like it. We will discuss it tomorrow.