Thursday, March 19, 2015

IMP Alice Days 9-10 - Continuing the Pattern and A Half Ounce of Cake

The last 2 days we finished some discussion of Having Your Cake and Drinking Too and then moved forward. Continuing the Pattern develops the rule for negative exponents and A Half Ounce of Cake starts the development of fractional powers.

Today I handed back the worksheets I left for them to do on Tuesday.  The worksheets were an exploration on exponents.  I gave them feedback on the ones they missed and told them to make corrections. I started class with a warm up which reviewed the rules which will be quizzed tomorrow.  I had each group project their answers using the Ipads. (Airplay allows up to 10 to be projected simultaneously.) I went over each problem by having students to defend their answers. It was great. I have really been enjoying the Ipads!

Some students used expansion...some used the rules...and some used the Alice context... fun stuff!