Monday, November 3, 2014

IMP Day 26 - Graphing intro activities and The Issues Involved

I had started to skip pages 40-47 in the book because I spent a good amount of time on graphing stories at the beginning of the year (before we received our new books). However, there was some things brought out in the activities in Meaningful Math that I did not talk about before. I actually had assigned these pages several weeks ago when we had PD for our books. Therefore I just gave them a completion grade and handed it back out.

We went through and discussed some vocabulary like constant, linear, discrete and continuous. We went over #7 on page 44 in class because it was a commonly missed graph. I love the tie in to the absolute value graph.

We wrapped up the day with The Issues Involved. Once again...I feel like I am moving too slow. Will I ever shake that feeling?