Tuesday, November 4, 2014

IMP Day 27 - More Graphing Sketches, Notebook Check, Out Numbered and...Searching for Dry Trails

Progress reports are being printed next week. Therefore I needed to do a notebook check with my classes. I gave them pg. 117 as a quiz and graded their notebooks while they were taking the "quiz." When they completed the quiz they started working on Out Numbered from pg. 49.

Funny thing...many of my students with the best "math minds" HATE estimating. They didn't like assigning a coordinate to the points that didn't go "through the crosshairs." One student in particular is extremely bright but doesn't realize how smart he is! Several of my students, when assigning themselves grades for their POWs, underestimate their work.

Sonya New, Gary Webb, and I had a brief discussion after school today about how things are going. Gary and Sonya don't seem as worried about time and grades. I need them to "rub off" on me. Gary's students were displaying their stories from "You're the Storyteller: From Rules to Situations" today. Our senior counselor, Kali Brand, walked by and said that those students looked like they were having fun. I was secretly (or not so secretly) jealous. I am going to have to take a deep breath and just enjoy where we are. We are piloting a new curriculum. We have made a change because we did not believe what we were doing was effective. We hope to see improvement. We started 7 weeks late. Relax! Roll with it! I am trying to convince myself:)

I almost forgot to mention something awesome! My 5th block finished Family Constraints and started The Search for Dry Trails today. They cracked me up arguing (justifying) about which trials they would choose and why. They did a great job today. Several of them have some great thoughts...I just tried to help them "tie" some math vocabulary to those thoughts today. I had 2 or 3 of them up at the board at the end of class still arguing their points. It was super!