Wednesday, November 19, 2014

IMP Day 37 - Following Families and Fort Hall Businesses

Today we finished Following Families by answering questions 3 and 4 and finding the rules. We defined slope (informally) and parallel lines. It was fun to see them realize that #3 had a point where the families were the same distance from the river because the lines intersected. Also, in #4 some of the students' explanations included comments about the starting points for the amount of coffee being different and then they consumed the coffee at the same rate. This opened us up to talking about rate of change being the slope. Today we also got to discuss that the "starting point" on the graph is where it crosses the y-axis and that value needs to be written down first when writing the rule. I hope they became better rule writers today!

My 5th period was supposed to go over Ox Expressions at Home and then take a quiz today. They were not quiet while we were going over Ox Expressions so I decided to cut the discussion short and make them start the quiz. However, I am going to give them written feedback on the quiz and give them the opportunity to address the feedback. I will not assign them grades until they turn them in the 2nd time. I actually used pg. 110 as the quiz. I read the into on pg. 109 and discussed subscripts with them before they started the quiz so that wouldn't throw them off.