Thursday, November 6, 2014

IMP Day 29 - From Rules to Graphs and Instagram

Today I took a breath (I haven't slowed down and done this in a while) and allowed my class to use chart paper to share their graphs for  From Rules to Graphs. We had some good discussions about the graphs and whether or not they should have been continuous or discrete. My first class didn't get the u-shape of the quadratic graphs so I assigned the two quadratics again for homework (#2 and # 4b).

My second class happened to have 2 groups that graphed number 2 and when we combined the points from the 2 groups we "saw" the u shape of the graph. Both blocks were told to start thinking about stories that they could use for the equations in "You're the Storyteller." I had one student start rapping and I so wish I could get someone to do a rap or a song but I am afraid they won't follow through. We will see!

On a side note...some of my students have been trying to get me to get an Instagram account and use it instead of Twitter for posting "pictures of success" or other pics from class. I set one up last night and it was so funny how they reacted to me having an Instagram. I post pics to Twitter pretty often and we have started the hashtag #WeAreEtowah for sharing positive things going on at EHS. I had a "younger" teacher explain to me yesterday that Instagram, like Twitter, is set up where people can follow you and you don't have to follow them back. Also, you can post pictures to both Instagram and Twitter using Instagram. I am excited because I can post as many pics of my students on Instagram as I want now and they don't fill up the feeds of other teachers who follow me on Twitter (who may get tired of all the EHS pics!). BUT, when I do have some pics I want to share with my principal or other teachers on Twitter I can post both places when I want. Also, you can use hashtags in Instagram too! I'm sure that there are many people that already know all of this but I just thought I would "share." I would like to start using Instagram as a way for students to share their work with me on occasion.