Friday, November 21, 2014

IMP Day...the math teacher in me makes me do this...39 - Quiz day

If any of you are reading this blog because you are teaching using the IMP books let me tell you about an awesome website that has great resources...The Greater Philadelphia Secondary Mathematics Project. Our trainer from It's About Time shared this website with us and it has some invaluable resources. I found some questions on there that I used for my quiz today on graphing. I only used two graphs but set up a rubric where they had a very good chance to pass (is that bad?) whether or not they could come up with the rule for the graph. I gave points for labeling the axes, scaling them correctly, plotting the points correctly, graphing the line of best fit, answering the question, and getting the rule. The 2nd problem gave the students a situation and they had to graph it, answer a question about it and give the rule.

I was really very pleased with the quizzes. Every student in the class can not get the rule for the graph yet, but they do SO much more with this word problem than I believe my previous students would ever have done. I hope to one day soon have the opportunity to find some multiple choice questions where students are given a graph and asked to find the equation that matches it and see how they do. We still have not "formally" learned slope-intercept form.

My 5th period did a Thanksgiving coordinate plane graphing activity today. It was the end of the day on Friday before Thanksgiving and I noticed as they worked on it that they NEEDED to review plotting points so I am glad we did it!