Friday, November 14, 2014

IMP Day 34 - variety day!

My 2nd block class had to finish the Sublette's Cutoff/Who Will Make It activity today and then we discussed it. I had a class discussion yesterday with my 3rd block about these activities so I should have been better the 2nd time around. I felt that I was worse! I randomly called on a few students (using the dice) and their graphs needed a little work and then I got the information backwards as we were discussing it and then the whole thing was crazy. I hope by the end we learned a little bit about what is going on at the intercepts and how to use the "line of best fit" to predict!

My 3rd block was a little ahead so we got out the graphing calculators and did the "Graphing Calculator In-Outs" activity. This was a very good introductory activity with the calculators. I did lose a few students along the way and finally just told them to write down the correct answers when I told them to. HAHA! I am pretty sure I could have facilitated this better. Maybe I should have paused and allowed them time to get help from their group members. I tried to walk around and help everyone at the beginning but we would NEVER have gotten finished. I know...I was too impatient. My goal will be to pause and allow students to help each other more in the future. I didn't tell them not to help each other...but I didn't encourage it either.

My 5th block did "To Kearney by Equation" today. Today I lead them to the "new equation" for profit per trip AFTER they discovered that they are not given the captain's pay per minute and they are given round trips in minutes. They did fairly well. I still have a few that seem to sit and wait until they are told what the answer. I randomly call on people and sometimes I end up having to "help" a student find the answers from the beginning to the end because they haven't put much thought into it during the time they were supposed to be working!