Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6 IMP - Pulling Out Rules

Today my classes finished their in-class time for writing their POW Write-ups. Then we did the Pulling Out Rules activity. I was a little disappointed in my students' lack of persistence on finding the rules. A few of them got 1 or 2 of the first 3 but none of them got them all. I may have rushed through this activity a little bit. After giving the students about 15 minutes I had them share their answers within their groups. They are very reluctant to find patterns where you have to multiply then SUBTRACT for some reason. I asked for volunteers to share each answer and after the volunteering was over I assigned the last few problems to the remaining groups.

We also went over all of the vocabulary mentioned in the patterns activities. I did this in a very brief manner. I think I will give a quiz grade for the POW write-up and then give another brief quiz on Friday on finding patterns and writing function rules.

My 5th period class did Who's Who today. They did well with the activity. For some reason fewer of the students in this class started by drawing a diagram which seems like the easiest way to approach this problem. It is not like they were getting the answer WITHOUT drawing the diagram. They just sat there with nothing on their paper. I asked the class what they thought they could do to start organizing this information. One of the groups mentioned drawing a diagram. Since this was my favorite method they were the "group of the day!" I'm just kidding. However, they did find the solution first. Coincidence? I think not!