Friday, October 10, 2014

IMP Day 10 - Quiz on Patterns and rewrites

Today I gave my classes their POW write-ups on The Broken Eggs back. I found and altered a rubric for grading the write-up but my students didn't have it before they wrote. I did stress to them to address all parts in the write-up explanation in the book. I had some students write the 5 parts on chart paper and hang them in the room for easy reference. It would have been "better practice" for my students to have the rubrics before they wrote. I was sharing this with our Instructional Partner and she gave me the idea to just give them a completion grade on the first writing and give them the rubrics and allow them to "rewrite" their first write-up to make sure they have met all the pieces listed in the rubric. I hope that improvements were made.

I created a quiz that was similar to the questions in the What's Next and Pulling Out Rules activities. I am overall pleased with the results. I am also happy to report that Mr. Webb who is also new to this curriculum told me today that he can really see an increase in students' engagement. Mrs. New was also telling me today that she gave a quiz on exponents today and not one student in 2 classes missed the questions concerning what any number to the zero power equals. She was saying that she does not remember that ever happening before. She also pointed out that she has probably never spent this much time on exponent rules before. If they retain the information it will be worth it!