Thursday, October 2, 2014

IMP Day 4 - Discussion of Inside Out and class challenge

Today I had the groups share their answers to their Inside Out assignment. I did things as lined out in the teacher guide except  when we went over number 6 and they were picking their in-out tables I told them if they stumped me I would give them the rest of the period off. Boy...they sure did work hard on their tables.

**I forgot to mention this when I originally posted this entry. I noticed that MANY of my students read the In-Out tables vertically instead of from In to Out. In other words, instead of stating a rule where something was being "done" to the in to get the out they would say each of the inputs are going up by 2 and each of the outputs are going up by 4...or something like that. I would congratulate them on finding a pattern that worked for the table but remind them that our task was to find the relationship between the In and the Out. I wonder how I could do a better job describing that in the future? Even when I realized the issue in my 2nd block class and tried to stress to my 3rd block to find the horizontal relationship between the inputs and the outputs I still had some do it vertically.

Today we talked with one of the IAT  trainers and she gave us some ways to move through the material a little faster since we started 7 weeks into the year. Some of her ideas were to split the assignment between  the groups. The other was to only do the formal POW write-up for one POW per unit.