Thursday, October 30, 2014

IMP Day 23 - If I Could See This Thing

Today was a frustrating day. We worked on If I Could See This Thing all block (1 hour and 25 minutes!!) and didn't finish! The "time allowed" in the pacing guide is like 25 minutes. So...I did try several different strategies today. The first thing we did was to allow them time to read the intro and excerpt silently then "notice and wonder" with a partner. We have never done the Noticing and Wondering strategy before. Afterwards I rolled my 8-sided dice to choose groups to share their findings and I recorded them on the board. I told the students that if they would research any of the "wonderings" and type up a summary that they could earn bonus points which are rare in my class. Then we used the same noticing and wondering strategy for #1. They did not notice and wonder the things I was hoping for. In my 2nd go around (with my 3rd block class) we popcorn read instead of reading silently. Also when we got to number 1 I did a better job of encouraging them to notice and wonder about the math part of the problem too!

We started number 2 but will have to finish tomorrow. Dr. Montgomery has made tombstones and death certificates for the students to use for their family members who "didn't make it."