Tuesday, October 7, 2014

IMP Day 7 ...kind of

Today we had a vertical alignment workshop. In the hopes of keeping us moving along in our new books I made some fill-in-the-blank items for the students to complete as they read through the material that introduces the Overland Trail activities. I felt so accomplished! Then, when I returned from our half-day workshop I learned that the substitute (who is an awesome lady) did not find the copies that I had left. What a bummer! It is a long story...and it really doesn't matter. I used my wonderful REMIND app and sent a message to the students who did not get the assignment for them to come by before they left today. Some of them did. Many of them did not. I will give them until Friday to turn it in.

Tomorrow I am going to have one group from each class present their findings for The Broken Eggs. Then we are going to watch an intro video for The Overland Trail and start work on creating our families. Mrs. New and I "shared our brains" (again) today and came up with a chart to help the students keep up with each of their families. The charts will hopefully make it easier for us to check to see if they have used the constraints properly.  I hope this activity "hooks" the rest of the nonbelievers into liking the new books. I did have a student ask me today when we started doing history in math class. I told him that we are doing some cross-curricular work that will make the math more MEANINGFUL. I'm not sure he is buying in yet...but I'm still working on him.

On another note...our PD today involved getting on a bus and riding through our school district. Although I was mostly aware of the living conditions of many of our students there were a few surprises today. I tell my students all the time that I grew up in Mayberry (I'm pretty sure they have no clue what I mean but at least there are still reruns of the Andy Griffith Show!). Today was a much-needed reminder that I can NOT compare my childhood experiences and school experiences with the majority of my students. God help me to help each student to feel loved and valued by me.

On another random note...we had our first TEDEd Club meeting today. Wow it sure was short! I am very excited about sponsoring this club at our school and look forward to being inspired by our students!